Multi-coloured Nail Tips

Hey all πŸ™‚

Apologies for the lack of posts this past month, but I’m in my final year of my degree and so revision for my exams took precedence over my nails for a while, yet I have finally emerged from my revision cave, so hi again!

I wasn’t so sure what to do for my rejoining of the nail world, as there were so many colours I fancied trying. Instead of going fully multi-coloured I thought I’d get my French manicure guides out and go for multi-coloured tips instead.


The colours I used are:

Nails Inc – Basil Street (nude)

Rimmel London – 280 Sunshine (yellow)

Models Own – Jade Stone (green)

H&M – Concrete Me (grey)

Nails Inc – Tate (red)

Nails Inc – New York Noir (black)

multi-coloured-tipsI like the tips, but am not entirely sold on my choice of base coat, so might try this over a clear coat next time, or perhaps add some hearts for a Valentine’s theme.

Anyway, I hope you’re all well,

thank you for stopping by!! πŸ™‚


Christmas Nails!

Hey all!

So I’ve finally done my first Christmas design! I also had my first mince pie of the year this week, and am breaking up from uni to go home for Christmas tomorrow (where I also get to choose the Christmas tree – so excited!), so yeah I was in a Christmassy mood, and thought I’d finally let my nails join in too! πŸ™‚

I wasn’t entirely sure what to go for (as usual) so went for polka dots, snowflakes and generic Christmas shapes; you know what shapes I mean, they’re always on winter jumpers, though I really don’t understand their relation to Christmas, but hey ho, here you go:

also yes a nice foresty green, because I really am excited about choosing my Christmas tree this weekend…

(I’m afraid I have no name or brand for the polish, as it was just a random one I got in a set)


Β Β green-christmas-mani


Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you’re all getting into the Christmas spirit!

Stained Glass and Nude Tribal Manicure

Hi guys!

So just a short post today, I woke up and felt like tribal nails, and seeing as I haven’t done any in such a long time this is what we have.

Originally, I fancied quite a plain nude and black manicure, however as I went on I decided to add a bit of glitter and sparkle, and a few teeny embellishments, so here you go!



and as appears to be the norm for me recently my hands aren’t exactly the same, so welcome righty:


‘Scuse the messiness, I really am not ambidextrous so my lines will forever be wonky on my right hand…

Anyway, thanks all for stopping by! I hope you’re having a nice day! πŸ™‚

p.s. apologies for the focus on my pictures, me and my camera were having a slightly uncooperative day…

Nails Inc Polka Dot and Heart Mani

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been such a long time, for some reason my University decided to set every single deadline I had this term in one month, so it’s been rather… hectic shall we say, but alas I have come out the other side, so back to painting!

For this one I didn’t really have a plan in mind when I started, and kept chopping and changing midway through, so it’s not a very consistent design, with my hands not matching, but I liked the end result all the same.

I started with one of my favourite colours at the moment, Nails Inc’s Tate, and then initially I used some gold caviar beads on my ring finger (I had them where the polka dots are now) as thought I’d found a new way to use them up, as I’m going to be honest: I HATE nail caviar.Β  When it first came out I was really excited to try it, however it has never worked for me, and frankly I think a lot of the time it looks a bit of a mess.Β  So anyway, I tried to use my beads as accents on my nail, but this didn’t work either, by the time I’d cleaned up around my nails and made a cup of tea half of them had already fallen off… So in an attempt to repair the damage I got my dotting tool out and tried to cover the bead indents with polka dots with Nails Inc’s Chelsea Bridge Road (I’m pointing out here as a side note, I think I’ll do a review on this polish in the near future, it’s one of their foil polishes and goes on really smoothly, however I can never decide if it’s meant to be silver or gold, but I’ll get to that another time).

As you’ll see in the picture my dots are fairly wonky, but hopefully you’ll forgive me for that!

After the dots I added some hearts, here using Kate Spade – Nails Inc – New York Noir and Nails Inc – Sloane Square, and here’s the result on my right hand:


My left hand was a little less adventurous, as at the time I wasn’t sure if I’d gone overboard or not on my right, so here’s my left:


Apologies for the varnish on my hand here, I didn’t have time to clean this off after my polka dot repair, and I’m in a bad habit of cleaning my dotting tool on my hand at the moment…

Anyway guys, thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it, and hope you’re all having a lovely day!

p.s. expect less Nails Inc in the future, as although I absolutely love the brand, I’m only a poor student and so if I’m to invest in some new wintery colours they may have to come from elsewhere!

Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review – Update!

Hey guys,

So this is just a quick update on my previous post: Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review.

Nothing has changed as far as my opinion of the product, in fact my previous opinion (that it sucks, basically) has just been deepened.

But anyway I just thought I’d update. I read somewhere about some topcoats being good on lighter colours and some on darker, and seeing as I got a free bottle of Nails Inc – Kate Spade – New York Noir in Glamour magazine, and my previous attempt was on a light colour (Miss Sporty – Popcorn) I thought I’d try the topcoat again to see if it made any difference.

Note, I only put it on one nail so long as not to ruin my whole manicure…

and Yes, there was a difference, this time the cracks aren’t so visible, but my nail has chipped ridiculously; ridiculously in my opinion considering these photos are again less than 24 hours after application.

So can you guess which nail I applied it to? πŸ˜›


Also yes my index finger nail has been somewhat mutilated, I really cleverly accidentally caught it on a razor… well done me.


Also apologies for the messy clean up, didn’t quite get round to finishing that off…


Turns out I was correct in my prediction that I would have been better without any topcoat at all.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review

Hey guys,

So I don’t usually review products, only when I find something particularly amazing, or particularly disastrous, unfortunately in this case it’s the latter.

I was in Superdrug yesterday and saw that they had Sally Hansen’s No Chip Topcoat on offer for Β£3, and seeing as I’m a fan of other Sally Hansen products (such as Hard as Nails) I thought it would be a good buy.

sally-hansen-no-chip-topcoatThe bottle itself boasts that the formula is anti-chip, and “dries to an ultra-hard protective shield that seals colour, resists peeling and strengthens nails”.

However, these were my findings:

After waiting for my colour coat to dry; as instructed by the packaging, I then applied the topcoat.Β  Shortly after, I noticed bubbles on every single one of my nails, some much worse than others. I already wasn’t impressed, but thought I’d leave it on anyway to test the product further.Β  At about lunchtime today, less than 24 hours after applying the coat I discovered that my nails were now also covered in cracks.


So, while my nails hadn’t actually chipped, the topcoat had completely ruined my nails, and I believe I would have been much better off without a topcoat at all.

To give a fuller account of the product, I must note that it did dry very fast; fully dry within a minute, so I could press a nail without it leaving an imprint.Β  It also left my nails looking very shiny, and feeling strong.Β  However, for me, these positives do nothing to compensate the negatives, and so not only will I never be buying this product again, I shall be chucking it in the bin, and advising all others to steer clear too.

Β It’s a shame, but I suppose it means I can get onto my next design sooner.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a nice day πŸ™‚

Nails Inc – Battersea

So hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately, I went home for reading week and didn’t take my camera.Β  I then realised that I’d also lost my cable to attach my phone to my laptop, so wasn’t really sure how to post pictures up, I decided webcam quality really would be taking the mick… but alas I am back at uni and reunited with my camera, I’m only restarting with a simple varnish, but hopefully I’ll get a bit more creative as the week goes on, but anyway here’s Nails Inc – Battersea, I actually love the colour, very vibrant for the cold winter days that are now upon us

Nails-Inc-BatterseaAlso you may or may not have noticed my nails are all now fairly embarrassingly short.Β  I actually quite like having relatively short nails, just because whenever I have them over a certain length they seem to get in the way, but I really would like a bit more growth on these… I am not even sure what happened, I just had a very bad nails day and managed to snag three nails on my left hand and two on my right, and unfortunately I’m one of those people who cannot cope with different length nails, it’s one of my pet hates, so they all had go…

Anyway, I hope you’re all well, thank you for stopping by πŸ˜€