After a while of my sisters telling me I should blog my nail art, I’ve finally made the plunge.  I’ve googled my blog options and tips from other nail bloggers and found myself here!

I’m certainly no expert, I’m just a student who likes to take advantage of the fact we essentially have ten little canvases on the end of our fingers, and seeing as I’m currently studying a degree in psychology it’s nice to get my creative side out elsewhere.

Everything I post will be my own work, and I promise I’ll let you know where I get my inspiration from, or if I’m giving someone else’s idea a go, I’ll give credit where it is due.

Feel free to ask questions and also give advice! That would be much appreciated!

To start with, I’ll post what I’ve had on today! I went on a day trip to the zoo so thought I’d go for an animal design. So hello zebra print! Fairly simple, but I’ve never tried it before, a design I’ve followed from the WAH nails Book of Nail Art, simple but cute! The underrated sister to the ever popular cheetah print nails.

The only problem I found when doing this was the stripes smudging when I applied the top coat.  I used Models Own nail art pen to do the stripes and after waiting 15 minutes before applying my topcoat the stripes still smudged a little! So any advice on this matter would be really helpful!

Anyway I think that’s enough for an awkward first blog, hopefully by the time anyone’s reading this I’ll be into the swing of it more.


Bye for now!


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