Green and White Heart Nails

So hi all!

I’ve actually had this design on my nails for the past two days, but I’ve been struggling to get a photo that I think does them justice.  In the end I figured I better put a picture up before they start to chip, and just accept my photos for what they are! So here are my green and white heart nails:

green-and-white-heart-nailsgreen-and-white-heart-nails-2I’m not sure if you can see the effect I was going for properly on the pictures, but it’s what I call the ‘swoosh’ effect, it’s meant to be like water marbling but without the fuss.  Basically I chose two colours (Models Own – Jade stone, and Barry M – Matt White, both of which I used in my last manicure too) to ‘swoosh’ together.  I did this by putting a generous amount of nail varnish of each colour on each nail, and using a leftover brush from a finished topcoat and swooshing/twirling (? I really cannot think of a better way to describe this, so I hope you get my gist!) the colours together to get a marble like effect.  Then to jazz them up a bit I added a heart sequin to each nail (while the varnish was still wet) and secured with my top coat (Sally Hansen insta-dri anti-chip top coat).  As you can probably see though this caused some colour bleeding from the sequins, something I’m not entirely sure how to get around yet!

Anyway, until the next manicure! Hope you’re all well, and thank you for stopping by!


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