Red Dice Revlon Nails

Hi all!

So surprisingly it turns out there’s a LOT of reading in third year, I already seem to be in the library as much as I was during exam periods last year, so this is my ‘kind-of’ excuse for not posting more frequently recently.

But anyway, on to the nails, I saw this design by Revlon ages ago and have tried it so many times, and although I like it, I can never get it to look quite like the original, I think I just need more practice with my precision, unless there’s some super easy way to draw squares that has so far managed to elude me (if so please let me know!).

But hey, here’s my attempt!


The base coat by the way is one of my new shiny Nails Inc ones (Tate) that I got for my birthday!

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy the rest of your day!


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