Nails Inc – Battersea

So hey guys,

Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately, I went home for reading week and didn’t take my camera.  I then realised that I’d also lost my cable to attach my phone to my laptop, so wasn’t really sure how to post pictures up, I decided webcam quality really would be taking the mick… but alas I am back at uni and reunited with my camera, I’m only restarting with a simple varnish, but hopefully I’ll get a bit more creative as the week goes on, but anyway here’s Nails Inc – Battersea, I actually love the colour, very vibrant for the cold winter days that are now upon us

Nails-Inc-BatterseaAlso you may or may not have noticed my nails are all now fairly embarrassingly short.  I actually quite like having relatively short nails, just because whenever I have them over a certain length they seem to get in the way, but I really would like a bit more growth on these… I am not even sure what happened, I just had a very bad nails day and managed to snag three nails on my left hand and two on my right, and unfortunately I’m one of those people who cannot cope with different length nails, it’s one of my pet hates, so they all had go…

Anyway, I hope you’re all well, thank you for stopping by 😀


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