Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review

Hey guys,

So I don’t usually review products, only when I find something particularly amazing, or particularly disastrous, unfortunately in this case it’s the latter.

I was in Superdrug yesterday and saw that they had Sally Hansen’s No Chip Topcoat on offer for £3, and seeing as I’m a fan of other Sally Hansen products (such as Hard as Nails) I thought it would be a good buy.

sally-hansen-no-chip-topcoatThe bottle itself boasts that the formula is anti-chip, and “dries to an ultra-hard protective shield that seals colour, resists peeling and strengthens nails”.

However, these were my findings:

After waiting for my colour coat to dry; as instructed by the packaging, I then applied the topcoat.  Shortly after, I noticed bubbles on every single one of my nails, some much worse than others. I already wasn’t impressed, but thought I’d leave it on anyway to test the product further.  At about lunchtime today, less than 24 hours after applying the coat I discovered that my nails were now also covered in cracks.


So, while my nails hadn’t actually chipped, the topcoat had completely ruined my nails, and I believe I would have been much better off without a topcoat at all.

To give a fuller account of the product, I must note that it did dry very fast; fully dry within a minute, so I could press a nail without it leaving an imprint.  It also left my nails looking very shiny, and feeling strong.  However, for me, these positives do nothing to compensate the negatives, and so not only will I never be buying this product again, I shall be chucking it in the bin, and advising all others to steer clear too.

 It’s a shame, but I suppose it means I can get onto my next design sooner.

Thank you for stopping by, and I hope you have a nice day 🙂


3 thoughts on “Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review

  1. This is a great review – came just in time too, i nearly bought one of these so now thanks to you I’m super glad I didn’t. Personally I use Sally Hansen’s Double Duty base and top coat as my favourite top coat. I’d suggest using that as a topcoat and seeing whether you like it better.
    Have a nice day 🙂

    • Hi, thank you!! It’s the first time I’ve posted a ‘proper’ review on here, so it’s really nice to get some feedback! 🙂 and I’m super glad I stopped someone else wasting money on this product too! I thought it was such a bargain on offer, but it really was useless… I’ll definitely have to try that one out then, I’ve been looking for a good one for ages, and just havn’t found the right one for me yet! So thank you for the recommendation and thanks for stopping by!! 😀

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