Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review – Update!

Hey guys,

So this is just a quick update on my previous post: Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review.

Nothing has changed as far as my opinion of the product, in fact my previous opinion (that it sucks, basically) has just been deepened.

But anyway I just thought I’d update. I read somewhere about some topcoats being good on lighter colours and some on darker, and seeing as I got a free bottle of Nails Inc – Kate Spade – New York Noir in Glamour magazine, and my previous attempt was on a light colour (Miss Sporty – Popcorn) I thought I’d try the topcoat again to see if it made any difference.

Note, I only put it on one nail so long as not to ruin my whole manicure…

and Yes, there was a difference, this time the cracks aren’t so visible, but my nail has chipped ridiculously; ridiculously in my opinion considering these photos are again less than 24 hours after application.

So can you guess which nail I applied it to? 😛


Also yes my index finger nail has been somewhat mutilated, I really cleverly accidentally caught it on a razor… well done me.


Also apologies for the messy clean up, didn’t quite get round to finishing that off…


Turns out I was correct in my prediction that I would have been better without any topcoat at all.

Anyway, thanks for stopping by! 🙂


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