Nails Inc Polka Dot and Heart Mani

Hey guys!

Sorry it’s been such a long time, for some reason my University decided to set every single deadline I had this term in one month, so it’s been rather… hectic shall we say, but alas I have come out the other side, so back to painting!

For this one I didn’t really have a plan in mind when I started, and kept chopping and changing midway through, so it’s not a very consistent design, with my hands not matching, but I liked the end result all the same.

I started with one of my favourite colours at the moment, Nails Inc’s Tate, and then initially I used some gold caviar beads on my ring finger (I had them where the polka dots are now) as thought I’d found a new way to use them up, as I’m going to be honest: I HATE nail caviar.  When it first came out I was really excited to try it, however it has never worked for me, and frankly I think a lot of the time it looks a bit of a mess.  So anyway, I tried to use my beads as accents on my nail, but this didn’t work either, by the time I’d cleaned up around my nails and made a cup of tea half of them had already fallen off… So in an attempt to repair the damage I got my dotting tool out and tried to cover the bead indents with polka dots with Nails Inc’s Chelsea Bridge Road (I’m pointing out here as a side note, I think I’ll do a review on this polish in the near future, it’s one of their foil polishes and goes on really smoothly, however I can never decide if it’s meant to be silver or gold, but I’ll get to that another time).

As you’ll see in the picture my dots are fairly wonky, but hopefully you’ll forgive me for that!

After the dots I added some hearts, here using Kate Spade – Nails Inc – New York Noir and Nails Inc – Sloane Square, and here’s the result on my right hand:


My left hand was a little less adventurous, as at the time I wasn’t sure if I’d gone overboard or not on my right, so here’s my left:


Apologies for the varnish on my hand here, I didn’t have time to clean this off after my polka dot repair, and I’m in a bad habit of cleaning my dotting tool on my hand at the moment…

Anyway guys, thank you for stopping by! I really appreciate it, and hope you’re all having a lovely day!

p.s. expect less Nails Inc in the future, as although I absolutely love the brand, I’m only a poor student and so if I’m to invest in some new wintery colours they may have to come from elsewhere!


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