I’m not really sure what I’m meant to say here. So I’ve decided instead of rambling on for too long I’ll just write a fact about my life every so often.

  1. I like nail art, obviously; hence the page.
  2. I like travelling and sunshine (who doesn’t), but despite this I don’t think I could ever be torn away from my little rainy country (England) for too long.
  3. I’m a tad obsessed with David Attenborough and my unrealistic dream job would be to work as a researcher for one of his series’.
  4. I am forever breaking suitcases. Three cases have lost their wheels on me now.
  5. I know pi off by heart up to 32 decimal places (please don’t judge).
  6. I am beyond obsessed with Harry Potter.
  7. St Ives (UK) is my favourite place in the entire world.
  8. I’m currently in my third year at uni, studying Psychology.

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