Red Dice Revlon Nails

Hi all! So surprisingly it turns out there’s a LOT of reading in third year, I already seem to be in the library as much as I was during exam periods last year, so this is my ‘kind-of’ excuse for not posting more frequently recently. But anyway, on to the nails, I saw this design […]

Multi Coloured Glitter Birthday Nails

Hi all! I’ve been super busy recently running back and forth from uni and home as I’ve had a couple of introductory lectures for the year, but also wanted to be home for my birthday; today! But here are my birthday nails, they’re a combination of pretty much every glitter polish I own all blurred […]

Red and Black Studded Glitter Mani

So hi again! I’ve not taken to blogging this frequently as the norm, but I painted my younger sister’s nails for a night out so thought I’d share these with you too! I used Pacific UK – Red Nail Polish for the base, and then went over this with Topshop’s Gem glitter polish.  Then after […]

Black and Silver Glitter Gradient Manicure

Hi all! Hope you’re all well, and welcome to my fourth post! This time I thought I’d back away from my greens and blues and try not to use the same colours on every manicure! I haven’t done gradient nails in a while, so thought I’d give them another go, going for starry night/sea-ish colours. […]

Green and blue mix and match mani

So my zebra nails started to chip horrendously after only three days  and definitely needed removing by the fourth.  I was quite disappointed with this, as this was my first try with Sally Hansen’s insta-dri anti-chip top coat, and although it scores high points both for shine and its quick drying abilities (literally seconds!) I’ll […]