Nails Inc Polka Dot and Heart Mani

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been such a long time, for some reason my University decided to set every single deadline I had this term in one month, so it’s been rather… hectic shall we say, but alas I have come out the other side, so back to painting! For this one I didn’t really have […]

Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review – Update!

Hey guys, So this is just a quick update on my previous post: Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review. Nothing has changed as far as my opinion of the product, in fact my previous opinion (that it sucks, basically) has just been deepened. But anyway I just thought I’d update. I read somewhere […]

Sally Hansen – No Chip Topcoat – Review

Hey guys, So I don’t usually review products, only when I find something particularly amazing, or particularly disastrous, unfortunately in this case it’s the latter. I was in Superdrug yesterday and saw that they had Sally Hansen’s No Chip Topcoat on offer for £3, and seeing as I’m a fan of other Sally Hansen products […]

Nails Inc – Battersea

So hey guys, Sorry I’ve been a bit absent lately, I went home for reading week and didn’t take my camera.  I then realised that I’d also lost my cable to attach my phone to my laptop, so wasn’t really sure how to post pictures up, I decided webcam quality really would be taking the […]

Blue and Yellow Flower Mani (copy!)

Hi all! I actually did these nails a while back, but as they were an attempt at someone else’s design I wanted to wait until I had their permission to post them, but I then realised they hadn’t posted in four months and so I may not get a reply to my question. So here […]

Nude and Red Heart Mani

Hey all! 🙂 I’ve actually been nail varnish free for the past couple of days, my nails seemed a little brittle and beaten after a particularly stubborn glitter varnish so I thought I’d let them breathe for a bit. But as usual I can never leave them that long without the temptation to get on […]

Nails Inc – Basil Street

Hi all! As I said before I’m going into my third year of uni this year. I’m currently in my first week back and it’s very hectic! So all I have for you at the moment it is a simple one colour manicure. However I absolutely LOVE the colour! It’s Nails Inc’s Basil Street, and […]