Multi-coloured Nail Tips

Hey all 🙂 Apologies for the lack of posts this past month, but I’m in my final year of my degree and so revision for my exams took precedence over my nails for a while, yet I have finally emerged from my revision cave, so hi again! I wasn’t so sure what to do for […]

Stained Glass and Nude Tribal Manicure

Hi guys! So just a short post today, I woke up and felt like tribal nails, and seeing as I haven’t done any in such a long time this is what we have. Originally, I fancied quite a plain nude and black manicure, however as I went on I decided to add a bit of […]

Nails Inc – Basil Street

Hi all! As I said before I’m going into my third year of uni this year. I’m currently in my first week back and it’s very hectic! So all I have for you at the moment it is a simple one colour manicure. However I absolutely LOVE the colour! It’s Nails Inc’s Basil Street, and […]